Store Manager (Downtown location)

OFF THE HOOK is seeking an experienced Boutique MANAGER for our Downtown store.

As a manager you are responsible for the economic success of your shop. You need to be familiar with business metrics as well as with visual merchandising. We’re looking for someone who enjoys acting as a role model for a dedicated team and who will motivate them with their positive nature and innovative ideas.  

Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • Tracking and improving the sales staff’s performances. Motivating the team to reach sales goals, and coaching them on how to maximize VPT, UPT and other KPIs.
  • Preparing and presenting weekly sales reports—analyzing data and how sales people interact with customers and team dynamics during the weekly sales meetings.
  • Leading by example when it comes to meeting and exceeding sales goals. The Boutique Manager will be a guiding presence on the sales floor.
  • Assuring that the store is properly maintained by delegating various tasks to team members.
  • Handling any high-level in-store customer service issues.
  • Planning the activities in the shop (we’re a 20 year old boutique that built its business by being dynamic and active in our community, therefore we expect to continue doing so with product launches and special events).
  • Giving active advice and excellent customer service in order to give the best possible OTH experience.
  • Being efficient and effective when it comes to personnel planning.

Job Requirements;

  • Having prior management-level experience in a fast-paced retail environment (store manager, assistant manager, team leader).
  • Possessing exceptional communication skills, both with employers and employees.
  • Having knowledge of and a passion for street fashion and sneaker culture.
  • Having a proven track record as a power seller.
  • Be a self-starter and be able to prioritize and execute tasks.
  • Be an adept at tracking retail analytics and using that data to provide sales staff with feedback.
  • Having an enthusiastic energy and good social skills.
  • Having leadership skills and organizational talent.
  • Be perfectly bilingual.

OFF THE HOOK is an independent street fashion retailer, anchored in Downtown Montreal since 1999. It has proven time and time again to be a staple of the city’s best creative and retail talent that is always looking forward to working with the next generation of leaders in those fields.  

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Gérant de boutique (location au centre-ville)

OFF THE HOOK est à la recherche d’une gérante de magasin pour notre boutique sur Sainte-Catherine.

En tant que gérant.e, vous êtes responsable du succès économique de votre boutique. Vous devez avoir une familiarité avec les activités courantes commerciales et le marchandisage visuel. Nous sommes à la recherche de quelqu’un pour qui prendre le rôle de modèle pour une équipe ambitieuse est un plaisir et qui pourra encourager celle-ci avec sa nature positive et ses idées innovantes.

Responsabilités (y compris mais non limité à):

  • Tenir un suivi et améliorer les performances de l’équipe de vente, ainsi que motiver l’équipe à atteindre ses objectifs en leur donnant des coachings sur comment optimiser le VPT, UPT et autres KPIs.
  • Préparer et présenter des rapports de vente—analyser les données et les méthodes d’interaction entre les employés et les clients ainsi que leurs dynamiques lors des réunions de vente hebdomadaire.
  • Diriger en donnant l’exemple quand il en vient à atteindre et surpasser les objectifs de vente. La personne à la gérance guidera la présence sur le plancher.
  • Assurer le bon fonctionnement de la boutique en sachant déléguer les tâches.
  • Manier les situations de conflits.
  • Planifier les activités de la boutique (nous sommes une entreprise depuis maintenant 20 ans qui s’est construite en étant active et dynamique dans sa communauté, et nous comptons continuer à grandir dans cet aspect avec des lancements de produits et des événement spéciaux).
  • Offrir des conseils précis ainsi qu’un excellent service à la clientèle afin de fournir la meilleure expérience OTH possible.
  • Être efficace lorsqu’il en vient à créer un horaire du personnel.

Exigences de travail:

  • Avoir de l’expérience en gestion de boutique dans un environnement rapide (en tant que gérant.e, assistant.e au gérant.e, ou chef d’équipe)
  • Posséder une habileté à communiquer exceptionnelle, autant avec les employés que les employeurs.
  • Avoir des connaissances et une passion pour la mode de rue et la culture sneaker.
  • Avoir une expérience profonde en tant que vendeur.
  • Avoir de l’initiative et être capable de prioriser et d’exécuter les tâches nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de la boutique.
  • Savoir tenir un suivi des analyses de vente et utiliser ces données afin d’optimiser le service du personnel de plancher.
  • Avoir un bel enthousiasme et une facilité à socialiser.
  • Avoir des compétences en leadership ainsi qu’en organisation et en gestion.  
  • Être parfaitement bilingue.

OFF THE HOOK est une boutique de mode et culture de rue indépendante ancrée à Montréal depuis 1999. Elle a prouvé à mainte reprise être une partie intégrante du talent créatif de la ville, et est continuellement à la recherche des esprits les plus innovateurs dans le domaine. 


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Off The Hook is looking for an experienced E-Commerce Manager to handle and coordinate e-commerce sales efforts while driving growth through our Shopify based retail e-platform, functioning with Lightspeed Retail.

This is a great position for people with lots of knowledge and experience, but who feel boxed in and want to go above and beyond.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years experience in e-commerce, working with everything from data entry, development and implementation of SEO, to retargeting campaigns. The candidate will also have to show work stability and a knowledge of streetwear and clothing.

This is a full-time position.

Responsibilities (Including but not limited to) :

  • Create weekly online sales report with Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics

  • Plan, organize and manage e-commerce and creative team’s weekly workflow

  • Build the e-commerce calendar according to product launches, promotions and product pushes

  • Organize the photo studio schedule to ensure on-time delivery of e-commerce images

  • Conduct ad hoc analysis for E-com teams, and management priorities

  • Facilitate decision-making with meaningful analysis and reports

  • Identify gaps and opportunities in marketing support with actionable recommendations.

  • Ensure that;

    • The visual identity of the brand is communicated coherently across all channels

    • Orders are fulfilled in a timely fashion

    • Web-based marketing campaigns are implemented to grow e-commerce sales

    • SEO optimization is up to date and compatible with current search engine algorithms

    • Inventory-based and seasonal sales are put into place

    • A demographic target is defined and strategies are developed to reach it

    • Prices are up to date and sold out products are removed from the website

    • Site metrics are monitored — such as time for Web pages to load, total numbers of site visitors, and visitors by product or page — and analysed to recommend changes to improve performance.

    • E-commerce team reaches above and beyond marketing objectives

  • Contribute to defining KPIs that better reflect performance of web initiatives as executions become increasingly more robust.

  • Transform quantitative output into actionable, realistic marketing tactics.

  • Coordinate Analytics projects (Tracking / Tagging, connecting technologies, point of contact for the IT support teams)

  • Perform ROI analysis on Off The Hook key e-commerce initiatives and maximize ROAS for e-commerce conversion funnel (Add to cart > Checkout)

  • Identify emerging trends and Off The Hook’s position relative to the rest of the industry

  • Oversee performance of third parties;

  • Website platform provider

  • Email provider

  • Web development agency

  • Shipping provider

  • Coordinate the implementation of digital and brick and mortar initiatives

  • Coordinate the loyalty program along with the community manager

  • Organize and set up sales through the Frenzy channel, while coordinating online sales efforts

  • Develop & Execute Annual online performance marketing plans

  • Design and develop loyalty and retention strategies that drive repeat visits and sales

  • Recommend creative marketing tactics to support driving e-commerce sales leads and revenue

  • Work with e-commerce team and involved third parties for testing and optimization of online user experience

  • Gather market and e-commerce/omnichannel related information to develop accurate online market

In addition, the E-Commerce Manager will ensure that the website’s security credentials are up to date, and that the customer’s personal information is safe from cyber criminals. We expect that metrics will be analysed to monitor the performance of products and promotions, and that the digital marketing will accurately reflect changes in customer’s demands and trends. 

Knowledge, skills and attributes :

  • Proven experience in developing online business strategies in collaboration with product and marketing managers
  • A bachelor's degree in Business Marketing, E-Marketing or a related major. Experience in advertising design is also an asset, for retargeting purposes

  • The ability to multi-task and turn projects around on short deadlines

  • A grasp of web design software knowledge to properly critique and advise the design team

  • Beyond this, candidates need a strong understanding of analytics softwares to track performances of the website

  • Proficient in working with Excel, Word, PowerPoint

  • Outstanding written & verbal skills in English (multi-lingual abilities considered an asset)

  • Must be detail oriented, self-motivated and time efficient.

  • Able to work with limited supervision, and ability to meet all deadlines

  • Strong analytical, organizational and planning skills

  • Ability to develop great storylines for reports

Please send your resume to


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