E-Commerce Manager

Off The Hook is looking for an experienced E-Commerce Manager to run a Shopify-based fashion apparel and footwear online store functioning with Lightspeed Retail.

This is a great position for people with lots of knowledge, and working in a big box agency, but who feel boxed in and want to go above and beyond.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in e-commerce, working with everything from data entry, development and implementation of SEO, to retargeting campaigns. The candidate will also have to show work stability and a knowledge of streetwear and clothing.

This is a full-time position, and the selected candidate will be responsible for ensuring that : 

  • Products are created and published in a timely fashion
  • The visual identity of the brand is communicated coherently across all channels
  • Orders are fulfilled in a timely fashion
  • Web-based marketing campaigns are implemented to grow e-commerce sales
  • SEO optimization is up to date and compatible with current search engine algorithms
  • Inventory-based and seasonal sales are put into place
  • A demographic target is defined and strategies are developed to reach it
  • Prices are up to date and sold out products are removed from the website
  • Site metrics are monitored — such as time for Web pages to load, total numbers of site visitors, and visitors by product or page — and analysed to recommend changes to improve performance.
  • KPIs are monitored consistently

In addition, the E-Commerce Manager will ensure that the website’s security credentials are up to date, and that the customer’s personal information is safe from cyber criminals. We expect that metrics will be analysed to monitor the performance of products and promotions, and that the digital marketing will accurately reflect changes in customer’s demands and trends.

All candidates are expected to have : 

  • Proven experience in developing online business strategies in collaboration with product and marketing managers
  • A bachelor's degree in Business Marketing, E-Marketing or a related major. Experience in advertising design is also an asset, for retargeting purposes
  • The ability to multi-task and turn projects around on short deadlines
  • A grasp of web design software knowledge to properly critique and advise the design team
  • Beyond this, candidates need a strong understanding of analytics softwares to track the performance of the website

    Please send your resume to Harry Drakopoulos: harry@offthehook.ca