The OTH values are sacrosanct and permeate all decisions and pursuits of the business. Through the ebb and flow of the cultural landscape since our inception in 1999; these grounding principles have helped to influence and guide us to a unilateral goal that is true and authentic to our intentions. Off the Hook is made up of distinct identities intertwined with a common purpose and belief system.

COMMUNITY Off the Hook exists as a hub for our communities to collaborate, develop and grow. Much of our existence is based on our commitment to give people the platform to develop their talent. This has taken shape in collaborations, events, and passion projects that reflect deep mutual respect. Throughout the many eras of our existence, these will continue to take shape and form in many manifestations, but will always be in service to our communities.

CREATIVITY Our people, our reason is to recognize the creative pursuits of those that surround us. It is this shared affinity for the influences of culture that bind together our interest and communities. Off the Hook is a culture shop, which is in no doubt formed by the multitudes of creative influences in Montreal and beyond. We are constantly seeking out innovation and creativity within and beyond our scope.

POTENTIAL It is not about where you have been, it is about where you are going to. Off the Hook caters to not only the existing creative community – but is committed to the ongoing incubation of new talent and untapped potential. This sustainable approach to nurturing burgeoning talent ensures the continued contribution of our community into the broader landscape. Our hope that young talent seek collaboration with our established space, influence and resources as a ground for inspiration and development.

INTEGRITY The purpose of pursuit is always wrought with deep intention and mindfulness. Each collaboration and decision is rooted in deep respect, all items in each in Core Values 3 stores are selected with care and intention, and the spaces themselves reflect these same sensibilities. The goal is to be noticed for the work behind the result. Through the consistent approach of aggressive authenticity, Off the Hook has a continuously demonstrated integrity in pursuits and in turn, sown grown organic mutual respect with all our collaborators.

PASSION Propelling all pursuits and endeavours is the driving energy, at Off the Hook this is passion. This passion is translated in the dynamism and energy that is injected in all projects. No matter what the interest is, we look for passion as the underlying current that pushes the pursuit forward. Off the Hook is a passionate agent of change, and our energy is spent on subjects of passion which leads to their ultimate success.


As part of our growth and our desire for constant elevation, Off the Hook is looking to fulfill the following career opportunities in order to further expand our team. Send your resume to job@offthehook.ca with the job title you are applying for in the subject line.