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OTH is an independent retailer that first opened its doors in Montreal in November of 1999. Over the last two decades, OTH has showcased and celebrated Montreal’s unique culture, whether that be through art, music, sports, or fashion.

Montreal is our home and we’re constantly influenced by what’s happening in the city’s neighbourhoods.  We have evolved, grown, and matured with the city and OTH now proudly counts four stores in three locations, with each offering a different shopping experience true to the OTH DNA.

off the hook boutique downtown oth

OTH Ste-Catherine 

Located at 1021 Ste-Catherine O., the original OTH store is 20-year-old stalwart of Downtown culture that has seen multinational retailers come and go over the years, while entrenching itself thanks to its authenticity and loyal customers. 

Home to an eclectic and unique mix of brands —ranging from Maharishi, Stüssy, and Carhartt W.I.P. to Nike and adidas— this store exudes a contagious energy that has powered it for two decades. It’s that energy, and a booming sound system, that draws thousands of people a week from the street to a streetwear emporium on the second floor.

off the hook boutique downtown oth

Vans OTH

Found on the third floor of 1021 Ste-Catherine O., the Vans OTH space was launched in 2011 as the first partnership lifestyle Vans store in Canada, and one of the first in the world.

Despite sharing an address with OTH’s Downtown store, the Vans OTH space is a store unto itself. Boasting a curated selection of the best Vans lifestyle footwear and apparel, and the highly-limited Vault by Vans line, Vans OTH has established itself as one of the premier destinations in the world of Vans.

Vans OTH has also released yearly Vault by Vans collaborations since 2012, which have sold out one after the other, adding to the space’s legacy and unique appeal.

oth boutique hotel william gray wg off the hook

OTH William Gray

Nestled in the expansive and modernist Hotel William Gray, at 421 Saint-Vincent, OTH’s Old Montreal outpost represents an evolution of the OTH experience, geared towards a more mature customer who grew up shopping Downtown.

Lined with Aimé Leon Dore, Needles, Stone Island, Napa by Martine Rose, Aries Arise, Paria Farzaneh, Engineered Garments, Reigning Champ and a tightly curated selection of brands, you’ll build a more refined wardrobe here, one piece at a time. 

OTH William Gray is about a way of life, not just clothing; which is why it’s also home to our favourite accessories, apothecary goods, homewares, and reading material. If you’re looking for the latest copy of 032c or Monocle, you’ll be able to find it at OTH William Gray, alongside home goods from the likes of Lola James Harper and Snow Peak. 

The store is at the heart of a veritable neighbourhood renaissance, and, guided by a desire to offer more than just a shopping experience in Old Montreal, the staff will gladly help you pick out a restaurant or café in the area after they’ve helped you pick out a new outfit.  



OTH St-Laurent

The latest addition to the OTH family was born out of a desire to create a space more in touch with Montreal’s vibrant artistic community. Where better to do that than on Saint-Laurent, on the north side of Parc du Portugal, a stone’s throw from Leonard Cohen’s former residence, and in the heart of the city’s famously artistic Plateau Mont-Royal.

Entirely modular, this space shifts on a weekly basis, offering a new experience to customers almost every time they walk through the door. On the second floor, you’ll find a gallery space, where OTH showcases artists new and old, from Montreal and abroad. As OTH grew, clothing started occupying the space we once used as a gallery. In a way, OTH St-Laurent is us going back to our roots in 1999 and reconnecting culture, art, and fashion in a meaningful way.