Vans x Where's Waldo

      An icon in its own right, Vans uses design collaborations to pay tribute to cultural staples. For over 30 years, the “Where’s Waldo” series has challenged children in the spirit of fun, teaching generations about attention to detail and instilling a love for travel and adventure. Launched in 1987, the iconic illustration book introduces the reader to Waldo, a distinctively dressed adventurer who sets off on a worldwide hike. Vans’ newest collaboration is an homage to the classic series, presenting a wide collection of footwear and apparel for men, women and kids of all ages.  


      Dressed in a distinctive red and white striped shirt, beanie and blue jeans, Waldo is an adventurer who is never without his trusty magic walking stick. Traveling to everyday places around the world, Waldo often finds himself joyfully lost amongst the crowds. Readers must scour detailed illustrations to locate the hidden traveler, conceiving the iconic phrase, “Where’s Waldo?”.

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