Salomon Spring '21

      The Spring 2021 installment of Salomon Advanced features a quiver of footwear products whose central purpose is to further connect people with the natural world.

      Informed by Salomon’s footwear design in trail running and hiking, the Spring 2021 collection is built around three distinct themes: black edition, retro outlook, and core offering. Each theme is parameterized to allow specific recontextualization in observance of the integrity of the original product.

      Black Edition is an invitation to explore Salomon’s most technical and functional forays in footwear design. Alternatively, the “retro outlook” initiative, proposes to revisit classic styles that have become design landmarks during Salomon’s 30 years of footwear creation. Our “icons” regroups staple styles deemed timeless.

      1 PRODUCT

      1 PRODUCT