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An Ode to Ricky (and to Techwear)
Off the Hook is lucky enough to count Ricky Giu amongst its ranks; our beloved followers might have seen this techwear guru in our Instagram Live hit show Saturday Morning Live, cloaked in our latest techy arrivals at the techwear mecca, OTH 421. However, many speculate about what exactly does the techwear mogul do when he’s not unzipping parkas, live on camera. Undisclosed sources of information state that if Ricky is not at OTH, he’s out in the city, traveling fast between the newest Japanese joints on the Island. Many think twice before throwing on a white, button-up shirt before going to a restaurant. Ricky doesn’t think twice; ALL of his tech garments are finished with an antidrop formula. Ramen broth will simply drip off his taped seams sleeve.
For some, a quick glance at some well-known hashtags quenches their thirst for techwear. For others, looking is just not enough: they must feel with their own hands the durable, water-repellent synthetic materials their favorite garments are constructed with.
Whether its lacing up boots boasting an innovative design and soles specifically engineered to deliver comfort at all time, or testing the limits of a GORE-TEX black (the black colorway prevails amongst techwear aficionados) parka featuring countless pockets, techwear can be incorporated in almost all of your wardrobe, as proven by the extensive, yet meticulously curated, selection of tech garments and items available on our shelves.

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