When the last time...

The last time that I have posted anything on the site can be counted in years... The last time you saw me, you probably thought that I don't even work at the shop anymore. Wrong! I have just been good at hiding in between the racks, juggling from the warehouse to the office, to the floor in a ninja stance mode. You probably did not even pay attention. Above all, you probably didn't care for that matter. Truth is, it is now my 8th year in the Upperground... I think now is the time to dust off my camera and put it back to work. I will be sharing some insights of the shop in between the pretty model shots and the products that we push. I shall share anything that I like. Random thoughts and sporadic shots... Like the other day, I was scouting with G-Man for a shoot we doing for DC. I have a weird love for big empty spaces, but I don't know why? So peaceful but also creepy...

- Johnny F. Kim

IMG_0907.jpg IMG_0894.jpg IMG_0895.jpg IMG_0900.jpg

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