Vault by Vans x Needles Classic Slip-on

Vault by Vans x Needles Classic Slip-on

A modern take on a classic slip-on. 

The ‘Off the Wall’ Vans shows the true sophistication and style of the Vans lineup and really portrays the true individual spirit in the shoe. The timeless Vans slip-on has evolved into this contemporary re-model of the traditional loafer.

These come in two different animal print patterns that add depth and eye-catching appeal to the shoe itself, one print on the left shoe, and another on the right. Offered in two colours, white with grey print and silver accents, and of course brown with gold accents. The classic Vans flat bottom waffle sole is comfortable and casual for everyday wear.

Slip into a pair of these Vans and add some animalistic flair to your daily wardrobe.

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