For a few years now, OTH and Vans Canada have been working together to create products inspired by local stories. Whether it is in collaboration with local figures such as Chuck Hughes, in tribute to a culinary specialty from Montreal or with our football club The Ringleaders, both industries have found ways to complete each other in ways that share Montreal’s history in honest and authentic ways.

The concept behind Chez Nous comes from afar. After a multitude of visits to Montreal, it’s a member of the OTH family living outside the country who came up with the term while expressing how the city felt like home to him. What started as a simple expression, quickly turned into a declaration of identity. The feeling of belonging is the key theme of Chez Nous. Whether we are in Paris, Manchester or Los Angeles, Montreal is Chez Nous. Whether we embody Hochelaga, Lasalle or the Mile-End, Montreal is Chez Nous. Since 1999, Montreal is Chez Nous.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Off The Hook, three pairs done in collaboration with Vans Canada have been designed to honour all three stores. The Vieux-Montréal pair comes in a dark blue--hinting at the river surrounding the Old Montreal. The Plateau comes in a thyme green to reference the infamous Mount Royal. The Centre-Ville model is special. The colour references the OG brick and mortar of what has influenced a generation of Montreal street kids into international dappers. This model wasn’t created to be sold, but rather as a thank you piece to all of our friends and family.

To thank our community, we had an event on August 24th in our downtown location, where you could have a custom printed T-Shirt at the purchase of an VANS X OTH pair.

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