TOP 5 VANS for Fall

TOP 5 VANS for Fall

You got to face it; the freezing weather and its snow are on the way. However, there's still a way to rep sneakers - you just need to choose the appropriated ones. So here's a list of our favorite Vans for this fall:  



This model is a revamped version of the legendary Vans high top with premium elements such as Scotchgard-treated leather and a heat retention layer between sock liner to keep your feet warm and dry. Plus, it's like the typical fall outfit - flannel and rust color - in shoe form.


This pair of boots could be your best friend this season. It's made out of a premium nubuck leather uppers and plaid weather liners to keep your feet warm. Also, the newly-constructed vulcanized lug outsole will help to stay cozy and not to slip on ice.


Snow is not here yet, and we all want to wear sneaker until the last moment. The Slip-On is the classic-iest of the classic, and if it gets too cold, just put on some wool socks. Live free or die!


Okay, these are terrific. Made out of veggie leather in a rich color tan, it makes the classic Old-Skool look like luxury. It's definitely one of our favorite releases of the year.


This take on the Authentic-Lite silhouette is lit. It's basically the classic aesthetic with a lightweight fit for more comfort, and the burgundy hits hard for fall; it's adding warmth and color to you all-black-everything outfit.

Each sneakers are available IN-STORE and ONLINE, just click on them if you feel like reppin them.


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