The North Face Black Series Inner-Explorations Lookbook by OTH


"The North Face Black Series utilizes the most technologically advanced materials and construction, repurposed for the city"

That is the statement and clear mission of this exclusive collection by The North Face entitled Black Series. Launching just a few seasons ago, we first saw it in Paris during fashion week. At that point, the company was carefully choosing the retailers they wanted to partner with, in order to represent this unique line and make sure the story gets delivered to its enthusiasts.

Little blurbs like "Finding the path to calmness, supported by harmony" and "The necessity of peace supported by harmony" are just rotating thoughts in our minds currently at OTH. This photoshoot campaign was produced prior to an unmatched pandemic in humankind's history. As life goes on without a shadow of a doubt, we are thankful to have supporting partners such as The North Face, our loyal customers which constantly believe in us, even though at times we feel they deserve more from us, and this street culture we love so much, that we have fought so hard to help it's progression evolve into a "harmonious" constant elevation.

The necessity of peace supported by harmony

Location: Old Port of Montréal (OTH-421)
Art Director & Photographer: Maxwell Neubacher (@lincolnpicture)
Stylist: Daniele Proulx (@danieleproulx) & Geneviève Sanon (@genevieve.sanon)
Models: Sasha Axenova (@rebogene) & Dhin's Mupasa (@aka_ntu)

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