The Nike Air Max 90 "Bacon" - a slice of sneaker history.


Originally released back in 2004 in collaboration with the now-defunct New York sneaker store Dave Quality Meat's, the AM90 "Bacon" is finally back and its release is perfectly timed for Air Max Day. 

Founded back in 2003, DQM was a sneaker store that was ahead of its time. Co-Founder Dave Ortiz created a one of the first concepts store in America, leaning heavily on a butcher shop themed aesthetic. One would walk in to find apparel hanging from meathooks, and assorted gear packaged and displayed in refrigerators. It comes as no surprise then, that not even a year after it's conception, that DQM was approached by Nike to design a collaborative shoe. 

For Ortiz, it was all about function before fashion. Running the store had him on his feet all day, so he needed a shoe that would last him all day without any aches and pain. Having chosen the Air Max 90, he was given 4 months to design the shoe. 

It wasn't until just two days before the deadline, that Ortiz had his big "AHA!" moment. Having spent 4 months trying to design a way to bring the meat aesthetic of his store to a shoe, the idea to bring the "Bacon" colorway to life hit him one night when he hit up a local bodega for a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. He figured "Everybody loves bacon, so who's going to hate on it?".

A trip to the deli, three packs of bacon and a book on Pantone colors later, the design was done and the now iconic Air Max 90 "Bacon" was born. 

Releasing this Friday, March 26th, the shoe will be releasing via a two stage raffle system. The First-Round raffle is now live on our raffle page and open exclusively to Canadian customers only. ⁠A separate size run and all unclaimed pairs will be raffled through a Second Round social media raffle on the day of release. ⁠

Good luck OTH'ers! ⁠

*Raffle closes Thursday, March 25th at 11:59 AM EST.⁠