The Convergence of Coffee & Streetwear


Words By: Félix Villeneuve

For us, fashion is self-care, nothing makes us feel better in the morning than a great outfit made up of streetwear pieces and accessories from great brands. When you dress well, you’re always ready to attack the day. The only other thing we need? A great shot of espresso or a well-crafted latte.

Streetwear and coffee have a lot in common. For self-care, yes, but they’re also very important to our sense of community.

Because—let’s be honest—when we say coffee, we don’t mean the actual cup of joe. We’re talking about the experience of going to our neighborhood cafe. 

When you go to your local cafe, you’re greeted by people from the community. People you enjoy talking to. Doesn’t matter the topic, it just feels nice to have authentic human interaction.

Your favorite coffee place is probably nearby, in your own neighborhood. No matter where you go: Le Falco in Mile End, Café Olimpico in Old Port or Café Pista on Masson. These shops are all intertwined with their communities, and it’s where people come to exchange with like-minded folks. 



Coffee and streetwear is not new, the combination of these two dates back at least a decade. Thinking back to La Colombe, a third wave coffee roaster, strategically opening beside Supreme’s old location on Lafayette Street. The evolution of each culture has seen them come even closer together. Clothing is another way to identify with the people of our communities. There’s an understanding when we talk to someone with the same style as ours. There’s recognition that we’re cut from the same cloth. Pun intended. 

A community doesn’t build itself. It takes the effort of everybody in the neighborhood, connecting and supporting each other. And let’s be real: it’s all a lot easier to do after a shot of espresso.