The Clyde "Dress Code" in the Streets


The story behind the PUMA x OTH Clyde "Dress Code" is one of marketing in a pre-digital age. When Harry and Angelo would hand out flyers at night in clubs, concerts, raves and parties, they needed a shoe that conformed to the dress code. Check out the video below for a look behind the PUMA x OTH Clyde "Dress Code".




We thought it would only be fitting to pay hommage to the 90s by unleashing a truly old school marketing campaign, and partnered with PUMA to take over the streets using two timeless tools: posters and wheat paste. If you were anywhere in Downtown Montreal, you probably got a chance to spot a few of our walls.



As an added bonus, the first 10 customers on Saturday morning will receive a 24" x 20" PUMA x OTH "Dress Code" poster, while the following 20 customers will receive a 18" x 12" PUMA x OTH "Dress Code" poster.