Stüssy x Dr. Martens


This season, Dr. Martens is partnering-up with one of the greatest streetwear brands of all time; Stüssy. Both brands have their distinctive stylistic elements, which makes them a winning team without a doubt.

With its signature handwritten logo on T-shirts, the founder Shawn Stussy created a brand that was quickly adopted by the youth culture in the late-80s. It was first designed as surfwear for Californians, but then Stüssy started to reach out to different scenes from skaters to rappers. More than a traditional logo-driven T-shirt, the brand is known to re-design its emblem. By adding wavy graphics and different colours, Stüssy stays in touch with its authenticity, which is known to be the brand of the remix.

On the other hand, Dr. Martens is a brand that caters to every personality and every style. While the brand is now associated with punk and empowerment, it used to be known for its modest work-wear shoes. By using soft leather and air-padded soles, it was an improvement for boots at the time. It all became iconic with exclusive licenses including a heel hoop, a yellow well stiches and the bouncing sole named AirWair.

While Stüssy is reputed for its artistic creativity, Dr. Martens is known for is distinctive boot that completes everyone’s personal style. The outcome of this collaboration is two models; the Stussy 1460 for $266 and the Stussy Bailer Creeper for $210. The boot is available in two different colours. One is cherry red, and the other is black. For the classic creeper, it's only made in black. Each pairs are enhanced with a cheetah-print faux pony hair print, which makes it perfect for everybody who needs to show-off their inner animals.

All pairs will be available Saturday, September 24th at our Downtown location and online!