Sink Or Swim

Sink Or Swim

If you’ve been following closely over the last few years, you’ve probably heard about Parley. The organisation has partnered with adidas to reimagine how plastic is used, placing an emphasis on recycling ocean-polluting plastic to make Ultraboosts, NMDs, and other sneakers. They have literally sought to take the problem and spin it into a solution. Put simply, Parley is for the oceans, for the future, for the human community. They’re asking us to rethink how we live and how we go about making the products we use every day.


We’ve partnered with local artist Colin Meredith, to give you a chance to meet the challenge and to become a part of the solution. With your used plastic, Colin is redesigning and rethinking clothing as we know it. Together, we can turn a problem into a sustainable solution.



All you have to do is bring any used plastic bottles you have to our Downtown store at 1021 Sainte-Catherine O. By doing so, you’ll become part of the installation, as Colin will be using the bottles brought in to create his work. And, by recycling a bottle, you’ll not only be contributing to the installation and making the oceans a little safer, but you’ll be giving yourself a chance to win one of the prizes Parley and adidas are giving away. There is no limit to the number of entries per person, just type in your name, phone number and email address on the Ipad located near the cash.


The exhibit will be unveiled on March 28th at the store, and we’ll be giving away prizes to the contest winners. So, get those bottles to the store so Colin can start using them and block off March 28th in your calendar.


Marc Richardson

Hi! Don’t know who’s gonna read this but anyway. I just needed to tell you guys that this is just great. I had absolutely no idea about Parley and adidas making shoes out of ocean trash. I just sincerely wanted to congratulate you guys and everyone who’s involved about this amazing initiative! What a creative and intelligent way to showcase a talent such as Colin! Very inspiring :)

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