Saske and the GODSQUAD


UPDATE: The  OTH x TMHK Generation 2 Generation collection is available online  as well as at our OTH-4357 and OTH-1021 locations.
I really like this track. 
I have it on repeat. 
Now I don't have time to translate it for you.
All in all,
It talks about not giving a fuck what people think about you.
And! To just keep doing your thing.
That is positive thinking. 
Try it, it works. 
Saske is 21 years old, 
And has a bright future ahead of him.
Below is a sneak peek of the latest Off The Hook x Tomahok collaborative effort.
Launching November 7th at 4357-OTH. Yep. 
Don't listen to your doctor, put salt on everything. 
Drink beer instead of water,
Don't be cheap when it comes to cheese.
And when the day is over,
Share a bottle of Ouzo with a homey. 
Create more. And start all over again.
Saske and the GODSQUAD
Saske and the GODSQUAD
Saske and the GODSQUAD
Lyrics & Vocals by Saske
Music Production by Paco
Director : Maximillian Papadopoulos
Produced by Crystal View
Photographer: Nikos Pournelis
Direction: Dez