The Journeyman - A Soccer Shoe for the Streets


Three years in the making, and one night to reveal it all. If you know The Ringleaders, you know that once Angelo puts his mind into something, he does it all the way. If he can get 40 people to go to Iceland together for the fun of it, he can definitely create a shoe from scratch. In collaboration with Louis Tremblay, the Ringleaders have created the Journeyman: a soccer shoe for the streets.
So on the evening of May 23rd, RFCers, friends, and family members joined our OTH-4357 store to witness in person the launch of the long-awaited project. The Journeyman was crafted in Italy from premium leather, with the fine knowledge of Silvio Iacoponi, and the spirit of journeymen everywhere. With events like these you’d expect to have one main piece to encompass the essence of what the project is about, but in this case there were many: a short movie, produced by l’Éloi, embodying what the collective is about was projected on loop for all to see; a shrine made with football history mementos—from a small flag of l’OM to vintage ID cards of Ringleaders—was created by the artist June Barry; Chef Danny Smiles was providing both salumi and charm; and the installation and execution of it all, from paint to lights, to the creation of an actual door welcoming you into Angelo’s vision, was done by Sarah Pelletier.
Alongside the shoe, RFC worked on a clothing capsule including a graphic tee, a hoodie, jogging pants, and an elegant crewneck, all encapsulating the trailblazing attributes of the Journeyman. And remember, this is not a collab. Select pieces are now available at our online shop, our OTH-4357 location and our OTH-1021 location.