It takes a lot of work to gather people. It takes years and years of effort. Good ideas, good energy, good people, good relationships. Sport is the excuse. The purpose is too be together. We travel to New York. People travel here. It's a blessing. Here is the thank you list:


Thank you to Chinatown Soccer Club, FC Urbania, The Ringleaders, for their good spirit and commitment. Thank you to to Tron (and Bart) for the photos. Thank you to James for handling the tourney. Thank you to Off The Hook for their support. Thank you to Dan from Consult for the trophy. Thank you to to Vans for the collaboration and trust in us. Thank you to Zach from Saint Woods. Who did I forget? 

RFCtournamentParcKent-24.jpg RFCtournamentParcKent-21.jpg RFCtournamentParcKent-39.jpg