Reads of the Week: Taxidermy & Rooms to Inspire in the City

 Our Reads of the Week selection this time around focuses on interior design and décor – some inspiration for those who contemplate revamping their space.

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There is much more to taxidermy than meets the eye. This publication by London Taxidermy founder, Alexis Turner, is the first book to approach this practice as an art form, presenting classic works as well as contemporary pieces that really push the envelope (like Cai Guo-Qiang’s awe inspiring piece “Head On”). With a glimpse at some of the most extensive collections, both private and public, this book will enrapture anyone with even a mild interest in the expanding art of stuffed animals – and perhaps open a few minds.

 OTH Boutique Books

Rooms to Inspire in the City

From struggling with tight spaces to debating the right color for a given area, Rooms to Inspire in the City sheds light on the many qualms involving urban spaces in a fresh and resourceful manner. The book showcases breathtaking interior design from the minds of leading designers around the globe. A little inspiration can go a long way.

 OTH Boutique Books

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