Quick chat with Angelo and Harry - The new location OTH-4357


With less than a week away, I had to get some insider's info on the new OTH-4357 location on Saint-Laurent. I immediately texted Harry and Ang, who were both very supportive of my idea.

Harry left me on Read for 3 days and Ang was back to his old self, sending me audio clips of about 5 seconds each. Like a professional athlete. 

Needless to say, I am so, so stoked for the new store opening!

How you feeling in the days leading up to the big launch?

Ang - Everything is kinda handled, so I feel good about it.

Harry - Feeling great and nervous. This is the first time we did something from scratch 'white canvas style'. This is a very important piece of the puzzle and we need to nail it. 

What's been your biggest challenge so far?

A - I haven’t had ANY challenges.

H - Dealing with construction guys!  They don't give a fuck. It's always on their terms and conditions... and there are no consequences if they fuck up.

Looking back at the last two decades, how do you feel about opening a third location?

A - I feel good about opening a new location.

H - It Feels right ! Angelo and I used to walk from Ste-Catherine street every night to St-Laurent to hand out flyers! We built our business on St-Laurent so it feels like we're going back home.

Wait. Where does all the anxiety go?

A- We’re playing a lot of soccer right now so there’s not a lot of anxiety.

 H- Food! Food! Food!

And what are we doing after the launch party?

A-I’m not allowed to talk about the after after party.

H- Going to party with the moonshine crew at Balattou ! I've been looking at this club for over 20 years now but have never been in it! I actually think none of our clients have been in it. This party will go down in the books!

OTH-4357 Pre-Opening Party

OTH-4357 teaser

OTH Flyer Throwback