Puma x OTH "Dress Code"


Today, we are very proud to announce our latest project, in collaboration with PUMA. Paying homage to both PUMA and Off The Hook’s history, the PUMA x OTH Dress Code celebrates the iconic Clyde silhouette.


Throughout the 1990’s, dress codes dominated the nightlife scene, both in Montreal and around the world and sneakers rarely passed the notorious eyeball test. For Harry and Angelo, opening a streetwear boutique to downtown Montreal meant they needed exposure, and the nightlife scene in 1999 was the best way to get it. Leaving the store at night to hand out flyers outside of the club, inside the club, before raves, after raves, really anywhere there were people at night, Harry and Angelo needed a shoe that was suited for their nightly flyering and a sneaker with streetwear cred for their days in the shop; that shoe would have been the PUMA x OTH Clyde Dress Code

The PUMA x OTH Clyde Dress Code is an ode to the era for which the nightlife scene in Montreal and around the world is renowned: the 1990s. The shoe is wrapped in perforated navy suede, and coated with a water repellant so you never need to worry about spilled drinks again. The shoes shed much of the Clyde’s traditional branding; leaving out any visible logos on the outside of the shoe, which makes this one of the first Clydes ever without a tab or a foil stamp on the lateral side above the Formstripe. Speaking of the iconic stripe, the Dress Code’s Formstripe is made of tonal suede, further contributing to the shoe’s minimalist DNA. The footbed features Off The Hook colours with PUMA and OTH branding, while a 3M pull tab on the heel gives the Dress Code a bit of flash. Hidden in plain sight, however, is a 3M backing that shines through the perforated suede when exposed to flashing lights. Undeniably, this is inspired by the strobe lights which were ubiquitous in the 1990s underground music scene.


Tasked with creating a shoe that celebrated both Off The Hook’s DNA, but also the Clyde’s illustrious history as part of PUMA’s year-long celebration of the silhouette, the PUMA x OTH Dress Code is an ode to the Clyde’s namesake: Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Known as much for his prowess on the basketball court as for his exuberant style on the streets of New York, Frazier followed a personal dress code that helped define him and his legacy. 

The PUMA x OTH Dress Code will be available at both our Downtown and Old Montreal locations on Saturday, October 14th at 11AM, and online as of 12PM. The shoes will retail at $140 CAD + applicable taxes and shipping. The shoes will also be available at select PUMA accounts worldwide as of October 21st.