Introducing: Praise Endurance


Praise Endurance is an activewear brand created by runners for runners that was founded by Patrick Elkaim in 2016. In an effort to promote running and to be as inclusive as possible, Praise creates products pre and post run unisex apparel.

With Patrick being an accomplished marathoner, each of Praise’s products goes through him for a testing phase. This allows each design to be put to the test of being used in real situations, allowing for a performance guarantee from the founder himself.

These products aren’t just created for the sake of it either. Each collection released by Praise is accompanied by its own story to explain what the inspiration behind them was, telling the story of why they were created. Whether it be to remember Kathrine Switzer, the Boston Marathon’s first female runner, or to build a collection around the runner's boom that happened over the pandemic, each story is different.

The action doesn’t stop with just products though, Praise organizes runs quite often. For example, events such as the Wednesday morning runs happen weekly, keeping the Praise  Fam alive and showcasing that they’re very much a part of their community.

Their new collection titled Ever Change aims to run us through connecting with the earth and learn about the impact we have on it. Take it from Praise to know that all you need is a set of legs and two feet to get moving and see our beautiful planet.

As temperatures drop, and excuses rise, you can look to Praise’s new collection to stay warm as you get in touch with the great outdoors. You can pick up the latest gear from Ever Change, whether it be their new second skin leggings, fleeces, or hoodies to stay warm starting November 4th at OTH Plateau and online!