OTH x Carhartt WIP Employee of the Month


This had been in the works for months. We’d meet every week, debating on how we’d do an event which would celebrate the OTH employees from 1999 to today. And then we found it.

Harry did what he did best and got on his phone to call, message, DM and Facetime a few of the people who’ve made OTH what it is today. In a matter of hours, we had ourselves a proper party. Party bus and all.

Some OGs and current employees rolled in at OTH-4357 to see who would be named the very first OTH x Carhartt WIP Employee of the Month. Our capsule collection designed by MEKA also dropped the same night.

In the end, Will Kim was crowned alongside the recipient of first OG Employee of the Month, Jonathan Ouellet. The past and the present reunited.

It was a classic night at OTH, just like the ones we've loved hosting over the years.