OTH @ MURAL Festival Recap


It's been a week since Mural wrapped up what was arguably its best year yet and we're already looking forward to see what next year's Festival has to offer. Incase you couldn't make it out to any of Mural's 11 days, we set up an OTH booth showcasing five different installations on the Montreal streetwear scene which we've grown parallel with, as well as what the OTH boutique stands for not only as a retailer but equally as a brand.

Kicking things off, we partnered with Frenzy to showcase the sneakers that have marked our 18-year history, with the most coveted kicks on display for four days. We followed that up by partnering with local pirate radio station N10.AS to create a lounge that aimed to revisit how we consume music, as they broadcasted live from the OTH container. High Klassified and his Laval ou Rien crew then took over the space for an evening, emerging festival goers into their lifestyle with his basement recreated in the container for all to see and explore. On the last weekend, we celebrated our history of collaboration with Vans, with the installation space covered with the sketches of our collaborations, and each edition displayed inside. To close things out, The Ringleaders held a one-on-one tournament inside the container that showcased the RFC philosophy: thinking outside the box, and merging culture with football. Thank you to everybody who made the trip out!

Special thanks to Frenzy, a few of our close friends for lending us some of the most coveted sneakers from the past two decades, N10.AS' live radio station, High Klassified and the Laval ou Rien crew, our Vans family, and, last but not least, the Ringleaders for allowing us to showcase the culture we've pushed forward and in return helped shape the OTH DNA.

OTH @ MURAL 2017 from Off The Hook on Vimeo.