OTH and Carhartt WIP presents the Employee of the Month


 Just in case you were wondering why we've been posting so many employee headshots on our Instagram for the past week.

This Wednesday, December 12th, we will celebrate our staff with an exclusive Carhartt WIP capsule collection collaboration featuring the "Employee of the Month" theme.

We'll actually have a staff member carry the title and we invited all ex-employees part of our wall of fame, friends & OTHers to share this special moment with us at OTH-4357.

The Carhartt WIP x OTH capsule collection, designed by MEKA, will also be available for purchase at the event, and online the following day.

Click here for the event details

Here's the full list of candidates in nomination for the first OTH x Carhartt WIP Employee of the Month. We'll announce the winner on Wednesday!
100% Good Vibes!
Always 100% ready to help coworkers and move boxes like he's on a mission.
A v hard working Mike in full action!
Lola makes our staff look A1 on film pics. Bonus points: her love for Greenspot
"Y'all already know why."
Don't call it a comeback. Phil's OG.
"I manage law school, semi-pro soccer and work. Give the man some credz." 
Smiles a lot AND has vastly improved her box lifting skills lately. 
The main plug. Dont @ him.
2 hour sleep session, grabs brunch at Well, puts on Kaytranada's 2013 Boiler room set, and Tyler is ready to put in the hours.
4 hours of sleep and Arthur's ready to get. shit. done. 
OTH's Zen master. Always smiling. Well, except in that photo.
Yoska says clients love him. Straight facts. 
So, so chill.
Started as a sign boy, now he's here. 
 Holds it down at OTH-421. All she needs is a 6-hour sleep, some Tupac and she's good to go! 
Because he's real. 
Youngest and most productive, right Denzel?
Sean is all about ENERGY. "OTH helped me grow and other employees so I give that energy back"
Here's to the man with the biggest heart and infinite love for OTH.
He WILL give you the best service of your life.