Norda: The Embodiment of Footwear Innovation



It’s been over a year since Norda’s official launch and their debut at Off The Hook;- and what a year it’s been. The Norda 001 trail running shoe has been tried and tested, by professionals to casual runners;. Through the woods, through the mountains, and through the city’s streets. After all that testing, one thing can definitely be said about the Norda 001; just like the durability of the Dyneema they’re built with, their performance has proven to be undeniable.

It's not often you come across a shoe or even a piece of clothing that has advanced their concept to the level showcased on the 001s. The focus and dedication behind the shoe is evident in all elements of the design. Norda was able to create a di Vinci-esque trail running shoe that is uncompromising in quality and design, but also performs that way a trail running shoe should. While we could write an entire blog on the features of the 001s, the best way for you to really understand what we mean, is to wear a pair on your feet for yourself.

The upper is made from Dyneema, and while that may be a foreign concept in the minds of non-fabric geeks, simply put, it is the world’s lightest and strongest material. You’ll find this stuff in bulletproof vests and even boat sails...Seriously, it’s the real deal. For comfort, the midsole is custom made with Vibram SLE for a unique design exclusive to the 001 that offers 30% less weight than standard midsoles. Underneath the shoe, is one of our favourite parts, a Vibram 1/1 soleplate that is uniquely designed for Norda with incomparable grip, and the outline of the island of Montreal and the surrounding topography. This list goes on with details ranging from major to minor, all done in the name of footwear innovation.

It’s clear right from the get-go that Norda prides themselves on the elevated quality of their product. Where there is wear, there is no tear. What they’ve accomplished in terms of functionality is already impressive to say the least, but that didn’t mean they skimped out stylistically.

From their sleek, low-key colourways like the Stealth Black to their recent collab with Satisfy on the Jadeite colourway, which featured a loud, fully silver upper with jade green details, the 001 brought forward a simple yet technical look. That’s what helped it be more than just a high performance trail running shoe, and a quick #norda tag search on Instagram will show you just that. With the bulk of images being runners across the world taking their pairs through the roughest of terrains, you’ll also find tons of clean fits all with one thing in common, a fresh pair of Norda 001s on their feet.

One of the best parts about these shoes being so adaptable from function to fashion is that it’s not just runners decked out in a ciele cap, and some Praise apparel, but people wearing the 001s with all types of fits. From your gorpcore addicts in The North Face and Arc’teryx to your local Montreal streetwear enthusiast in a pair of Taikan pants or some Maison Coterie workwear. The possibilities are quite simply endless.

The true beauty of the 001 lies between their functionality and aesthetics. It’s the combination of the two that create its indisputable versatility. This is why we’ve been honoured to champion Norda since their debut. Their elevated vision is aligned with Off The Hook and their ability to fit within OTH style was seamless. Norda has featured through our LOOKS since their release and for good reason, because whether you’re a tech junkie who salivates at fashion innovation or someone who wants a well constructed, easy to style shoe, Norda’s 001 just makes sense.

If you ever find yourself looking for a clean pair of technical sneakers, then look no further than Norda. The 001s technology is unmatched and the flexibility of its styling possibilities has no boundaries.