Needles available exclusively at OTH William Gray


We’ve always been big admirers of the Nepenthes group. Engineered Garments was one of the brands that we really, really wanted to carry for a long time and, luckily, we were given a chance in 2014 and we’ve since built a good relationship with the kind people at Nepenthes.

Every season, when we went to the showroom in New York City, we’d invariably check out the lookbook for Needles, another one of the Nepenthes brands. Needles has been around since 1997 and, as such, is really one of the OGs when it comes to Japanese-American streetwear. They’re really respected for their Rebuild by Needles program, which is essentially upcycled garments that have been cut up and sewn back together to create truly unique pieces, and their tracksuits. We like that stuff, sure, but what we like even more is the spirit of the brand and the energy that it brings.

That’s what was palpable when we met the Needles team. Everybody was so sweet and so exciting to meet. Sometimes when brands pop off, the team behind it become jaded, but that definitely wasn’t the case in the Needles showroom. They were proud to show us their brand and excited that we wanted to extend our Nepenthes offering.


Ultimately, what sets Needles apart for us — and what we think will be pretty obvious when the collection is in the shop — is that the brand has an inimitable swagger to it. You don’t quite know what it is, but you know that it’s cool and different and makes Needles unlike any other brand.

Needles is available exclusively at our William Gray location, starting on Friday, September 7, 2018. You can take a look at the collection here.