Quick chat with Ang about Maharishi's latest collection


Part of my job is to actually sit down with Angelo and listen to him while he talks about brands that he likes and this week, I wanted to talk about Maharishi. I caught him on a really good day. He didn’t want to meet me in person, he sent me a message and 4 voice notes instead.

You’ll really feel his energy in this short interview. Very informative too. I feel smarter.


Hey Ang, how are you? Do you have time to answer a few questions?

I will voice note you the answers.


Honestly Ang, how much do you love Maha?

You know that I love Maha. Shit is so crazy. I love it man.


What stands out the most when you see a Maha piece?

Honestly Yvan, I can’t really answer that question.My brain is melting. Everything stands out. It’s so tight, so yeah, I can’t really answer that question. Too hard to answer.


Maharishi Pop Up at OTH-1021


What was your mindset behind the pop up shop at our OTH-1021 location ?

The pop up represents how their store in New York is, during renovations. You know what I mean. We tried to pay homage to their renovations.


This collection was picked during a buying trip. Can you tell us a bit more about that trip? We’ve seen some pretty good IG stories back in January.

I really can’t remember the buying trip.


Maharishi Pop Up at OTH-1021

Thank you for your time Ang, talk to you soon!


You can check out the latest Maharishi collection at the pop up shop located at our OTH-1021 store and online as well.


Maharishi Pop Up at OTH-1021

Maharishi Pop Up at OTH-1021