Since most of you don't know me, I'll kick off this series with a little introduction  about myself. My name is Tron and I'm a proud Montrealer, and yes, I'll take offense if you say otherwise. Over the last couple of years, photography has become more than an obsession. My day to day curriculum evolves around it, and with OTH, it's official. Anywhere I go, one of my only requirements is the possession of (at least one) a camera. I take pictures of a lot of things everyday but my primary focus remains on the streets of wherever I am. What happens in the outdoors is unpredictable and sometimes unexplainable. We live in a society where freedom allows citizens to be different, and although I would love a stay in North Korea, I admire the differences between every human being in this city, which allows me to showcase this through my photography. You may have seen some of my recent work through the "C'est chez nous" series for OTH, but you can expect a weekly report of what goes down on OTH's stomping ground, the golden square mile. Ste- Catherine street and it's proximity in particular. Weather I'm grabbing a slice or having a smoke in front of the shop, this reoccurring series of photos will give you a representation of what goes down on this strip we like to call "the usual route".  Stay tuned for more every week on the blog. Follow my IG account for other Montreal action @trontelljordan

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