Lunch time with Tron, everybody's working for the weekend


Montreal is seen in so many ways these days. Wether it be our attractions, festivals, restaurants or boutiques, one thing remains the same...

The real heart of any city happens on the street, it's as easy as that. The youth, the working class, the pensioned and everything in between can be seen on these streets, and for Montreal, Ste-Catherine street is the mecca of people from all 4 corners of the city and then some. Anything can happen right in front of your eyes out here, but only you can choose how you want to perceive it. In my opinion, If you keep your eyes closed on the street, you are most likely ashamed of your presence there. Keep your head up! @trontelljordan

tronlunchOTH-11.jpg tronlunchOTH-14.jpg tronlunchOTH-15.jpg tronlunchOTH-18.jpg tronlunchOTH-12.jpg tronlunchOTH-17.jpg tronlunchOTH-16.jpg tronlunchOTH-19.jpg

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