Les Alouettes de Montréal x OTH


On the 8th of June, the players who made the 2019 Alouettes roster made their way to Saint-Laurent street where they were welcomed by media, fans, and the OTH family. After months of training and stress, we wanted to congratulate the new players with a locally made personalized gift—a symbol of our ongoing support and respect.

We've always been great partisans of les moineaux, but to show just how strong our bond is, let’s have a quick flashback. Picture this: two Greek men working in a restaurant called L’Aigle d’Or in the 70s, right next to the Olympic Stadium, serving food to the players of our city's very own football team. These men are no other than Angelo's and Harry’s fathers.

Growing up with this appreciation for the team and its familiarity only makes this collaboration stronger and imbued with sweet nostalgia. So with the Alouettes ready to kick off their new season with style and passion, we wanted to continue this tradition of serving them something made with love and care—whether it be a warm plate of food or a comfortable hoodie. 

P.S. We know how many of you were into these hoodies, I mean who doesn’t want to look as cool as John Bowman. But although these are player-exclusive, you might want to keep your eyes out for something special for you guys as well (unless you also make the roster next season, which in this case, damn and congrats!) And while you're at it, make sure to watch the following video which is part of the Séries Montréal featuring OTH's very own people.