Lèche Vitrines | Event Recap


With the Mural festival having ended last week, our Lèche Vitrines project is soon following suit. With the theme of window shopping, we invited MAKENOIZE, Fatality, and J. Arthur to transform our storefronts. As a way to thank our artists who worked on their visions, we wanted to share their art one last time before the final display comes down on September 3rd.


MAKENOIZE was the first of the three artists, and the message of the display was straightforward. With the goal of spreading love and positivity,  a display was created with the use of MAKENOIZE’s signature smiley face with the message of “Amour” written across it. Check out more about MAKENOIZE’s art display on our blog and find more from the artist on Instagram @artofmakenoize.




Our next artist that was featured at OTH was Fayality. Fatality created a display under her own name as well as her company’s name, Mirrors World. With the business’ aim to create art through mirrors, Fatality created a display showcasing garments and accessories from her last two years working on the project. With the pieces placed onto blue mannequins, the unique window was certainly eye-catching. Find out more about Fayality and Mirrors World from our blog and more of her work @fayality_ & @mirrors.world.



The final artist we welcomed was J. Arthur, and he provided us with perhaps one of our biggest takeovers to date. With the goal of spreading a message about mental health and the struggle of the events over the past year, J. Arthur wants to show everybody that they’re not alone. Creating a giant red character to commemorate the feeling of getting through these traumatic times, this display scaled the entire building. For more about J. Arthur and his massive display, you can visit our blog, and to see more of his art find him on Instagram @j._arthur and @artbyjarthur.



As the event comes to a close, we wanted to make sure we could show as much love to our three artists who brought this project to life. If you enjoyed the installations or want to show some support to these artists, OTH worked with each artist to create a tee to celebrate each of their displays.