Japanese Magazines: Go Out, Out Standing & Popeye


Let's be honest, the continual growth in digital media has been a force in pop culture news outlets, and, as a result, paper magazines have taken a step back. Over in Japan, however, it seems to be a different story; the magazines Go Out, Out Standing & Popeye aren't victims of this online suppression. A limited supply of these prints recently fell in our laps and we can confirm: the real thing is always better. 

You're probably thinking, what good can I get out of a magazine, let alone one written in Japanese. The focal point in theses prints is the visuals; the writing is merely secondary. Ranging anywhere from lifestyle to interior design, the visual content is in a class of its own and will definitely inspire you to try out new things with your wardrobe or home. For those of you who are less adventurous, rest assured, you'll find all your favorite streetwear brands - mixed with essence from Japanese culture. Theses magazines will add a unique element to your home and are always good conversational pieces and your girl's (or mans'!) parents will think your cultured - it's a win-win.


You can find vol.88 of Go Out, the 5th anniversary issue of Out Standing, and issue #838 of Popeye at our Old Montreal location inside Hotel William Gray. Theses magazines are very hard to find in Canada, and only available in-store. Prices will range from $20 to $30 + taxes.