Introducing Sageism and Collection 009 "Alone in the Wilderness"


In the golden age of streetwear back in 2016, brands like Supreme and Stussy dominated the scene, but there was a noticeable absence of Asian representation within the industry. Despite witnessing the Asian community embracing streetwear culture, few brands truly reflected their identity. It was this realization that sparked the idea for Sageism, a Montreal-based brand founded in 2018 with a vision to offer a fresh perspective in streetwear. Born in the back alley of a bubble tea shop, Sageism emerged to fill the gap in representation, drawing inspiration from Asian culture while crafting unique designs that resonate with a global audience.

Sageism's design inspiration does not solely revolve around Asian culture but rather stems from the team's personal interests deeply rooted in Asian traditions. Elements such as karaoke and tea permeate their designs, connecting their creations to shared experiences and cultural touchstones. While early designs showcased more overt references, the team has now shifted towards subtle incorporation of concepts into their products, encouraging individual interpretation and connection.

Sageism's design process thrives on spontaneity and collective vibes. Instead of adhering to rigid planning, the team draws inspiration from the moments they live and the things they are currently passionate about. This fluid approach allows them to infuse fresh perspectives into their creations and keep their designs dynamic.

Unlike many brands that start by printing graphics on standard blanks, Sageism took a different route. Through strong relationships with manufacturing companies, they gained access to a range of production capabilities. This opportunity enabled them to incorporate intricate details into their products right from the early stages. This unique advantage paved the way for Sageism to explore beyond traditional blank tees and hoodies, focusing on crafting distinctive and high-quality items.

Sageism's recently released 9th collection, "Alone in the Wilderness," draws its inspiration from a 2004 documentary of the same name. The collection's concept does not replicate the documentary's theme directly. Instead, it encompasses the idea of being alone in the wilderness, regardless of the surroundings. Sageism does not limit this concept to outdoor settings; it can also represent the feeling of solitude in a bustling city where one may feel disconnected from others.

Looking ahead, Sageism aims to steer the brand towards a future characterized by adaptability and durability. Recognizing the evolving landscape of streetwear and the need to remain relevant, Sageism strives to embrace change and adapt their designs to meet shifting trends and customer preferences. Simultaneously, the brand places great emphasis on ensuring the durability of their products, providing customers with garments that can withstand the test of time.

Sageism represents a refreshing addition to the streetwear scene, offering a unique perspective and filling the void of Asian representation within the industry. Founded in Montreal just five years ago, the brand's journey began with a realization of the lack of diversity in streetwear. Through their distinctive designs, Sageism encapsulates the team's passions and personal experiences, drawing inspiration from Asian culture while crafting pieces that resonate with a global audience. With a focus on adaptability and durability, Sageism is poised to make a lasting impact in the streetwear realm, combining their unique vision with the ever-evolving demands of fashion.

As Sageism continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to introduce their latest collection, "Alone in the Wilderness," to our customers. This collection exemplifies the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional design norms. Explore Sageism's offerings and join us in embracing their vision of streetwear that celebrates diversity and authenticity.