Introducing: Patta


Patta has now arrived at Off The Hook Montreal with their latest collection for AW’21 featuring a range of apparel and accessories! While their products are offered at over 30 highly regarded retailers across the world, OTH will be the only retailer in Canada that offers the highly revered brand.

Earlier this year, our very own co-founder, Angelo, had the chance to sit down for a video interview with the guys over at Patta to discuss how Off The Hook operates and the company’s roots, which shares several similarities to Patta’s history.

If you don’t know about Patta by now then you’ve been missing out on one of the most notable OG retailers within the streetwear scene. While most trailblazers in the streetwear scene made a name for themselves in the United States, Patta was founded off of that same hip-hop influence in Amsterdam.

With Amsterdam being one of the earliest cities outside of the US to adopt hip-hop culture, Patta founders, Edson Sabajo (a DJ) and Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt (an MC) were notable players in the scene throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. As hip-hop progressed it evolved from more than just music, and eventually created its own culture entirely which ultimately had a huge focus on sneakers and clothes. From this, the duo found their love for sneakers from album covers such as Biz Markie’s Goin’ Off which showcased a pair of Nike Air Safari’s, and Dapper Dan’s custom tracksuits and suits he was making for rappers during the early years of hip-hop. 


 The two would take this influence and develop a love for sneakers, which led to them constantly flying from the Netherlands to the US to buy sneakers that weren’t available to them in Europe. These trips ensured that they always had some of the flyest sneakers within the Dutch hip-hop community, keeping them at the  top of their game in regards to sneaker knowledge. Their knowledge and love for the shoe game ultimately steered them both towards the idea of opening up a shoe store and thus, the hustle began. Founded in 2004 and based on the Surinamese word for shoes “pata”, Edson and Gee created Patta as a way to tap into the sneaker market which had been barely touched in Amsterdam at the time. Without a single account with any brand, they returned to New York to go through every store they could think of to buy sneakers to stock their store and shipped everything back however they had to, whether it was suitcases, boxes, or duffle bags.



The Patta duo would be able to flip these shoes for at least double what they paid, allowing them to go back every 5 weeks to restock, and also allowed them to fund everything they were passionate about, from huge parties, to releasing mixtapes, the pair had seemed to really hit the mark while everyone thought they wouldn’t.

After years of killing the Dutch sneaker game, Patta was finally hit with their first account and collaboration with Asics, which saw them introduce their own unique pair of Gel Lyte III’s. While they initially thought their release wouldn’t go over well, they quickly found that they had garnered a crowd of sneaker enthusiasts from across Europe which led to their collaboration selling out instantly.



Their success saw them acquire more accounts, leading up to the creation of their own in-house brand. Initially intended to provide logo’d tees for friends and family, they were met with a much bigger demand than anticipated. The huge demand eventually opened the doors to creating their own brand which includes clothing, accessories, footwear and countless collaborations over the years. 

As their brand expanded so did their retail locations, moving their original store of 8 years in the heart of Amsterdam to Zeedijk, an area of Chinatown which has molded itself over the years into a spot for creatives and fashion enthusiasts. They have also expanded their operations outside of the Netherlands by opening a store in London, England in 2016 and another flagship location in Milan, Italy that coincided with their 15 year anniversary in 2019.

While the Patta brand continued to grow, as did their collaborative efforts over the years, they have created an immense amount of collaborative pieces with several brands that include their Jordan 7, Air Max 90 “Homegrown”, Beams x Vans Old Skool “Mean Eyed Cat” and the list seemingly never ends. With the amount of recognition the brand has created for themselves, it’s no wonder all of these brands want to link up with the Dutch veterans.


With their constant achievements, Patta has been able to establish themselves as more than just a retailer and brand. Similarly to Off the Hook, they are also as a creative hub which focuses on the culture that they have built for themselves through collaborations, parties, pop-ups. Piggy backing off of their accomplishments, Patta has founded several side projects within their company to give back to their community. Their first project was Patta Soundsystem, which was unofficially started around 2005 and kept the brand in line with their roots by showcasing music and artists, typically from the Dutch music scene. Later in 2010, the Patta Running Team was founded to promote physical and mental health while also raising money for charity. They also joined the Bridge The Gap movement, which has led to completed runs in several cities throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2018 Patta founded it’s own self-titled foundation, the Patta Foundation, which funds projects focused on sports, arts, music, culture, etc. all to inspire the youth. These types of  movements are what define Patta as their intentions have always been to uplift their community and culture, which can be seen through their original motto that is used to this day “Out of love and necessity rather than profit and novelty.”

Fast forward to 2021, Patta has been working hard through the pandemic and not letting it stop them. With the new creation of another side project set to commence this summer, Patta Academy, the company has begun focusing on educating the young generation on finding their passion through intensive courses, workshops, and bootcamps.

Even as Patta continues to focus on their community, that hasn’t stopped them from one of the things they do best. With the new arrival of their Autumn 2021 collection, Patta will be hitting the Off The Hook stores with their classic logo pieces including tees, hoodies and jackets and a little taste of their European hip-hop inspired accessories. This collection was heavily influenced by global events of recent memory from the underground movements and activism that has taken the world by storm, to the aura of inclusivity and optimism that these events manifest.