How do you wear your Tom Wood rings?


It had been a while since I had the privilege of interviewing Angelo. With Tom Wood rings now available at OTH, I thought it’d be the perfect timing to hit him up as I had overheard him talk about these rings during team meetings at the office. I was really looking forward to taking the time to reconnect with him and see what the idea behind all the illustrations Luca did to explain these rings.

So Ang, it's been a while? What have you been up to?

Yeah it’s been a while. Haven’t seen you since you got banned from the World’s Fastest Futsal League with Ringleaders.

Hmm, yeah OK, but that’s not why I’m here. Let's get to it. Let's talk rings. Let's talk Tom Wood. What's that?

My view with Tom Wood is that they’re all about creating contemporary classics. I saw their stuff while I was traveling and I thought it was dope.

Cool. You got Luca to a do few illustrations. What's that all about?

Yeah, Luca is a G. Luca can do anything. He did a few hand illustrations ‘cause you know, rings, depending on the finger you’re wearing it on, they mean something different.

That's great Ang. Now, what does it mean when someone wears ring on all his fingers. Like Will. Does that mean he's really rich ?

Yeah, Will is super rich.

Are you rich?

No comment.


Tom Wood rings at OTH

Tom Wood now available at OTH

Tom Wood now available at OTH