I am currently pretending to be on tour. In my head, I am on the road across Canada. Sightseeing and birdwatching. Laughing with a gang of full grown bearded men. Making jokes about our private parts. Eating a hot-dog. Drinking some beer. Perhaps even petting a few wild animals. I am the stay at home roadie. The dad of all trades... At this instant our Vans Manager, the guy that makes sure that your kid owns at least 5 different pair of authentic, is living all teenagers most sought dream. Being on tour with a few of his friends. Hopeless Youth is not your typical band. We can classify them as "angry lumberjack music". Cut away my friend, cut away. Here are some Hallmark moments of their tour across our home and native land we call Canada.  

Hopeless Youth debut album Disgust is available here.

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