History of Stan Smith


Backtrack to 1963, when adidas made its first tennis shoe, named it after renowned French player Robert Haillet in '65 but only to scratch his branding in '71 due to the player's retirement. Parting ways with Haillet meant there was a gap to fill so adidas could have a successor to sport their sole tennis shoe and represent the brand for the tennis community. Haillet's retirement turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the Three Stripes, as Stan Smith, the next one up, had a bigger following than the French player and was undeniably the best player in tennis.

Seeing that sneakers of the 60s - 70s era were mainly made of canvas, the all-leather upper on the Stan Smith was a hit; it was the first tennis shoe to feature leather and people loved it for its durability. Unlike nearly every adidas shoe made until that point, the Stan Smith featured three rows of perforated holes rather than the iconic three stripes to commemorate their branding in a more subtle and minimalistic way. This clean, timeless sneaker saw an immense growth spurt in the 80s; it reached the point where you could question whether or not the shoe was made to go alongside a ball and a racket - good thing the Stan Smith face sketch always reminded you what the shoe is about. 

While the original white and green Stan Smiths are still legendary sneakers, today you can find them in as many colourways and forms as there are days in a month. After reissuing the Stan Smith in 2014, adidas followed up the return of the classic by integrating their latest technologies to solidify its timeliness. Primeknit iterations of the Stan Smith have been out for a minute now, but, the Stan Smith Boost as well as the Stan Smith Primeknit Boost are newcomers to the family tree. 

We'd be remiss to talk about the different Stan Smith offerings adidas has made available without mentioning the shoe's influence on the fashion industry and their partaking with designer collaborations. With nearly every brand having their own version of a white leather tennis shoe, it's safe to say the sleek, simple silhouette of the Stan Smith has inspired countless shoes on the market. Moreover, the shoe is also subject to many adidas collaborations with designers like Pharrell Williams and Raf Simons who have developed exclusive colourways with a quality of materials second to none and a price point worthy of a designer label. With recent accomplishments in the fashion area of footwear, It's safe to say the Stan Smith will never lose its icon status. 


Whether it's some classic Stan Smiths, or some newer, original take on the icon, we have a wide selection at our Downtown and Old Montreal locations, as well as online.