History of Clyde


When it comes to footwear, there's a short list of brands that have been immortalized by making an icon out of their logo. It happens to be the case for Puma, the other brand out of Herzogenaurach, Germany. Puma's icon, the Formstripe was introduced in 1957, right when they truly began to build an identity for themselves through branding. At the time, Puma was predominantly dedicated to soccer, and track and field. They welcomed Walt Frazier to the Puma family in 1973 and came correct with their first pair of basketball sneakers.

Walt "Clyde" Frazier was Puma's first ever partnership with a basketball player and, with that came the Clyde, a lighter version of their Suede Low sneaker with a wider base for support. While Clyde, the player, was renowned for his talents on the hardwood, it was his flamboyant personality and flashy taste in clothes that allowed Clyde, the sneaker, to transcend basketball footwear and impact a wide range of different subcultures. 

The Clyde was a highly sought-after sneaker thanks to the durability of its suede and outsole; this was something that skateboarders were, and still are, especially fond of today: because of the sneaker's resistance to wear and tear. The Clyde was enhanced for basketball, but met the needs of nearly any sport or activity that didn't require cleats or skates.


While the Clyde transcended basketball into skateboarding and European soccer, it also became an icon of the early hip-hop scene in the late 70's and 80s. Worn by NYC B-Boys as well as different artists like MC Shan and the Beastie Boys, the Clyde appeared on album covers and received shoutouts throughout the decade.


Nearly half a decade later, the Clyde is still one of Puma's biggest success stories and is sported all around the globe. With a multitude of different colourways, the Clyde has become an iconic sneaker because of what it represents for the brand as well as the different subcultures which it has an important role in.

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