GrandBuda's visuals for ''Yeah Yeah Yeah''


Our homeboy GrandBuda just launched a few weeks ago a new album named If It Happened to Me, which is more complex than his latest mixtape. The rapper/producer/DJ from the record label Ghost Club Records is back on track with a ''crafted album that is meant to be enjoyed from start to finish''. It's a full-length LP that has taken dark directions, which is something that GrandBuda define himself to be in an interview with Cult Magazine

The sound of his latest single ''Yeah Yeah Yeah'' reminds us of Kanye - with cues from a moody 808s Heartbreak and the melancholic Yeezus. Plus, the video features the iconic Adele Gendron. Montrealers at their best!

Check out the visuals below and feel free to listen to If It Happened to Me on any streaming devices.