From Rainy Days to Streetwear: The Rains Story



You’ve probably seen the name Rains in streetwear mags or in-store at OTH but do you know just how this brand started, why, and how it carved itself into streetwear? Well let’s take a quick journey.

If you know anything about Scandinavian design, you would know it’s called “Scandinavian Modernism”. It emphasizes clean lines and functionally prioritizes function over the art form.

How do you create a highly functional design with clean lines?

In 2012, Rains was created and did this exactly.

Founded in Denmark by Philip Lotko and Daniel Hesselager, Rains’ main “focus became about interpreting rainy days as a blessing rather than a curse…” and quickly rose to prominence due to two main reasons: 100% water-proofing functionality and minimalist design - ok, 3, phenomenal colourways.

I know it’s hard to believe but Montréal isn’t the only place with dreary weather and the Danes figured you might as well look good even if the weather outside isn’t.

Their goal was simple: reimagine the standard raincoat. And they did just that.

Not only did they reimagine it, but as the brand continues to grow, they’ve created transitional products and everyday products from raincoats to Rain coats (their winter weather coat meant to protect from the harsh elements) to bags and backpacks and more.

Rains is a brand ready for the elements in our city of Montréal as much as it is in all European cities north of the equator.

In our city where the weather can be unpredictable, from torrential rain to snow, Rains has got you covered while keeping a clean, silhouette look.