Finding Football x Ringleaders


Photographer Celia Spenard-Ko has teamed up with RINGLEADERS to collaborate on a capsule collection remembering this past summer’s Euro 2016 in France. Using 35mm photographs Spenard-Ko took throughout the tournament as part of her ongoing “Finding Football” series, RINGLEADERS have created three limited-run pieces that encapsulate the range of emotions felt by fans over the course of the month.


“Finding Football” is a photo series interested in the spirit of the sport, which lies mostly with its supporters. More than ‘big name’ signings, new kit drops or prawn sandwiches in luxury suites, football is something many around the world revolve their whole lives around. Spenard-Ko has spent the last two years travelling to different European cities, visiting grounds from all levels and meeting supporters of diverse backgrounds.

Fashion has long been present in association football, but the terracewear of 80s hooligans and the flash styles of footballers themselves are just the surface. When someone buys a jersey, a half-and-half scarf, a pin, there’s a time and place attached to every one of them. What’s more is whoever buys that same jersey, half-and-half scarf or pin will have a shared memory with a complete stranger who bought the very same thing. Throughout the years, these items will always have the ability to trigger special memories (good or bad) shared by thousands of people. They hold stories.




RINGLEADERS have released a short-sleeve t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt and crewneck sweatshirt each with a different one of Spenard-Ko’s prints emblazoned on the back. The capsule collection also includes a dad cap in three colorways: blue, white and red, and a waist pack. A zine showcasing more photos from Euro 2016 alongside a special editorial will be given in very limited quantities with the first few purchases. Together, they hope to have created pieces that will carry meaning of their own.

The capsule collection will be available exclusively at both of our locations and online.