dystopian youth by uneducated kids


uneducated kids is based on the Cambodian culture with its dark past related to the communist Khmer Rouge regime and their radical ways to revolutionize the country. Those extremists were against the leading government, and anyone who was a part of it (politicians, doctors, intellectuals, ...) was killed.  It's needless to say that all this violence has marked people's minds and history. 


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Being a Cambodian himself, Johnny F. Kim felt that he needed to tell stories - instead of following popular trends - with his brand. It's by merging his cultural roots with his passion for streetwear that he came up with his second collection 'dystopian youth, which is inspired by death and brainwashing that affected many generations. ''It's a really heavy subject'', says JFK. Still, it all happened.      

In all, there's five pieces (plus some caps) with conscious graphics all related to a different story. While the Napalm shirt represents the flammable liquid that was thrown during the Vietnam war, the Dystopian Youth has a lotus on its back. This flower is a symbol of enlightenment because a lotus can even grow beautiful in murky ponds. 

So whatever your background, education of life story, you can grow successful through it all. And as the video above says; Our future is in the hands of youth.

All available online and at our Downtown location this Saturday, December 3rd.