Introducing: District Vision


When you think of luxury fashion houses such as Acne Studios and Saint Laurent, one of the last things that comes to mind is running and meditation. However, for founders Tom Daly and Max Vallot (who worked at Acne Studios and Saint Laurent, respectively), that’s the exact world they both ended up finding themselves in following their stints in the fashion scene.

Prior to the brand's launch, Tom and Max attended the same business school in London, England. The two would both eventually end up in New York working at their respective fashion houses. While both were going through somewhat of a rough patch, they would ultimately find solace in running and meditation, which would then turn into passion.


In late 2015 after working together for a few years on R&D, they began their journey with District Vision. Taking a holistic approach to wellness in body and mind, Tom & Max created District Vision, with the goals of both filling a need in the sporting goods market, as well as promoting meditation within running.

For their community, they launched the Mindful Athlete Program or MAP, where they work with athletes and teachers in the fields of yoga and mindfulness to bridge the gap in between the two. Though, what really caught everyone’s attention was the products that they were offering.

While the sportswear and running attire market was already becoming oversaturated, the duo realized there was a lack of appreciation for sports sunglasses due to the stigma surrounding them, labelling them more or less as ugly. Their previously mentioned years of R&D is what led District Vision towards breaking that stereotype with their first pair of frames, the Keiichi Standard— a performance eyewear system was developed over a two year technical testing period, involving New York City athletes and Japanese engineering. 


With the desire to create the perfect pair of sports sunglasses in front of them, Tom and Max were intrigued by the detail and quality found in Japanese-made sunglasses. Then and now, District Vision’s sunglasses are manufactured in the renowned city of Sabae, who are known for their production of quality titanium eyewear.

Following the Keiichi Standard, the brand would follow up with their second silhouette, the Nagata Speedblade. Designed for runners and cyclists, their second silhouette features an ultra-lightweight nylon and titanium frame construction. Shortly thereafter, while their initial intentions were to not get involved with sportswear, their ethos of creating products that are equally function-first and performance enhancing lead them to develop a their own line of quality activewear.

Backed by collaborations with brands such as New Balance, Reigning Champ, TNF, and Salomon, District Vision would eventually dip their toes into many different categories and by doing so, their hype grew larger.


Luckily for us, we’re excited to announce that Off The Hook will soon be stocking District Vision frames and activewear both in store and online in the near future! Stay tuned in on our socials for release details.