'' My intent in creating these mixes is simply, to share. Share my knowledge and wealth of music and, attempt to provoke some sort of positive feeling out of the person listening. To me, music is the most effective form of art. It moves and impacts people in a way that fashion, sculpture and photographs etc, can't. It provokes feelings in an undeniably strong way, and since it involves words, it directly speaks to you and creates a definitive mood and atmosphere. I really enjoyed making this mix, and my hopes are that the listener will experience some level of contentment when hearing these sounds.''

Emily Oberg est née au Canada et habite maintenant à New York. En plus d'être productrice de contenu pour Complex magazine, elle crée des mix dans son temps libre.

Emily Oberg was born in Canada and is currently based in New York City. She is an Editorial Producer for Complex magazine and makes mixes in her spare time.