Proudly introducing Comfy Outdoor Garment in the OTH-4357 ethos


Months after our buying trip, Angelo still freaks out about how good Comfy Outdoor Garment looks.

“I love what they do. The seams are so good. Yeah, so good,” he told us in his usual enthusiastic tone. 

Comfy Outdoor Garment is one of the new brands we brought in for FW 18/19. Not a lot of people know this but it is also THE brand which inspired us the most when we starting building the OTH-4357 St-Laurent moodboard.

Matthieu, our Japanese trend in-house expert and lead copywriter, called it a cozy Winter staple as soon as he got his hands on the collection. He’s been to Japan twice, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

You can learn more about Comfy Outdoor Garment’s jackets, vest, hoodies and crewnecks at our OTH-4357 location or by checking out their collection online.

The front buckle on the Dotera Down jacket is a pretty good look.

Red wearing Comfy Outdoor Garment

Adèle wearing Comfy Outdoor Garment

Phil wearing Comfy Outdoor Garment