Quick chat with Pep Kim at Chrystie NYC

Quick chat with Pep Kim at Chrystie NYC

Chrystie NYC has come a long way in a very short time. We knew Pep Kim ever since we started the annual Ringleaders vs CSC matchups down at Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

We caught up with him earlier this month, as we was getting ready to launch 

Nothing big, just a very quick chat. We know you're busy, Pep.

How did Chrystie come about?

It was just an idea of starting a low key sock brand with my partner Aaron Herrington who is a professional skateboarder in NYC. Nothing was serious till we had found there’s more potential to grow the brand as clothing brand. 

Chrystie NYC available at OTH

So, how did you meet up with OTH?

Ang, one of the owners of OTH is running a soccer club called The Ringleaders which is a sister team of Chinatown Soccer Club that I play regularly in NYC. A couple years ago when we had a tournament in NYC, I talked about this project I was about to start and OTH has been supporting our brand since day 1.

Is there something that we should know about this new drop?

Chrystie NYC is a brand of/for/by the skaters based in NYC. We would like to put simple but little more sophisticated taste on traditional skateboarding culture through this premium line.


It was good to catch up with you Pep Kim. See you on the pitch!

You can check out the latest Chrystie collection online and at our Downtown location.

Chrystie NYC available at OTH
Chrystie NYC available at OTH

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