Brand 101: Naked & Famous


A pair of Naked & Famous is built to last. There's one simple goal at the core of the brand: to make jeans with the best fabric in the world. Nothing less. And when we're talking fabrics, the N&F team go crazy. It would be impossible to dress a list, but their collections have featured dozens of different denim mills from Japan, from Kevlar denim to cashmere denim or camel hair denim. 

The name of the brand itself represents a satire our celeb-obsessed culture. Most of the time, people are buying clothes because some stars are wearing it ~ no question asked. Instead of playing with their customers, a 300$ Naked & Famous pair of jeans is worth every penny.

It's raw denim combined with modern fits, simple as that. No washes or embroideries. No gimmicks, so your money's worth. Don't expect to get trendy ripped knees from them. It's like when you're buying a car; you don't want any scratches on it.

Proudly made in Canada, take a look at our selection that we carry in-store and online.

Bomber Jacket Indigo Dobby Denim, for $258.00

Kimono Shirt Real Indigo Plaid, for $235.00

Pocket Tee Tiger & Waves, for $49.00

Weird Guy Chrismukkah Selvedge Denim, for $185.00

Weird Guy Rusted Blue Selvedge, for $183.00